4 simple steps to increase your happiness by saving money

4 simple steps to increase your happiness by saving money

Happiness is complex. Saving money is one way to boost your joy. It creates a sense of safety and the ability to invest in experiences and relationships.

It’s true!  Saving money makes people happy.

It creates a sense of safety. It allows you the bandwidth to pursue your goals or a hobby.

Having a savings account also reduces stress. It creates margin in your life. You know there will be enough when an unexpected expense pops up or a small emergency. 

Saving money is always smart. And who doesn’t want to have that extra boost of happiness or joy, knowing you have some financial flexibility?

You can be happy, too, by following these 4 easy steps:

Step 1. Get yourself a piggybank.

Think JOY!

Find a container that brings you joy, because you’ll be looking at it and saving in it every day.


You can use just about any container, so be you – find one you want to fill up.

Have you considered a pickle jar, fish bowl, shoe box, tool box, really anything will do.

Step 2. Write down your saving’s goal.

Think HAPPY!

What are you saving for that will bring you joy? And how much money do you want to save?

You get to choose your goal – a new car, concert tickets, a special gift. You get the idea.

Step 3. Begin saving!

Create a good HABIT!

Put your piggybank where you’ll see it every day.

Put in coins and bills every day and watch your money grow.

Step 4. Fulfill your goal!

Remember to take the money you’ve saved and go get what you’ve been saving up for. 

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