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Your Home

Remove the anxiety and fear around your money so you can get that stress-free, peaceful feeling knowing you’re taking care of your home!

Your Family

Change the direction of your finances so your debt is paid off, you’re in control, and you’re taking care of your family!



Become financially empowered and confident in your spending and money decisions so you feel secure about your future!

You’ve been tracking your money, but that is no longer enough. Now you need to know exactly what to do when it comes to your finances.

T&H Financial Coaching believes the power of education combined with your personalized MAP, Money Action Plan, are the only path that leads to you taking control of your money and achieving  sustainable financial success.

You want your money to move in the right direction, quickly! 

T&H Financial Coaching’s personal approach gives you the supportive and encouraging environment you need to pay off your debt, save more, and stress less. You can learn how to take care of your money for your home, your family and your future!

Imagine what your life could be like, if you began today.

Join our list of clients who have:

  • Eased stress from their marriage by learning to communicate about their money and goals
  • Stood securely in the face of surprise expenses
  • Paid off one credit card . . . and then another. . . and then another. . .
  • Owned the value of their business services, earned more money, and landed more clients


  • Found “extra” money in their monthly budget
  • Stopped living paycheck to paycheck
  • Stayed within their wedding budget when they got married
  • Experienced peace knowing they have more than enough at the end of the month


Leave stress & overwhelm behind.  




Pay off your debt and save more!



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Suzanne loves helping her clients live the life of their dreams!

Suzanne had to quickly figure out how to take care of her money after she got divorced. She knows what it's like to hit the 'refresh' button and begin again.  What ever your reason for wanting to hit the 'refresh' button with your money, Suzanne can help!