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We stand behind our mission

T&H Financial Coaching helps individuals, couples, and solopreneurs remove stress and manage money so they can create abundance and wealth in their finances and achieve their dreams.

We guide you on the path toward Financial Freedom!

We believe that knowledge is power and that by providing financial education and mentoring we empower people to have a positive impact on their families and their communities.  

We know that life is busy and can often feel like a race or a competition.  When everything’s going well, we’re just like the tortoise in Aesop’s fable because we’re working hard and staying focused on the goal.  But in all honesty, our actions are usually more like the hare’s, veering off the path, taking a break, and then scrambling to catch up. We know that the best way to cross your finish line is with the help of a coach, a person who cares about you and your success and believes you are a winner before you even begin.   

About Suzanne

Suzanne is an independent business woman who has been providing a truly personalized financial education experience for her clients since founding T&H Financial Coaching in 2015.

With a wealth of experience in education, her style is relaxed, fun, and actionable. Suzanne learned early on that there’s a lot more time for fun when you’re organized, work hard, and have a plan.  

Suzanne helps guide professionals to manage their money and achieve financial freedom.  She also teaches personal finance workshops in the workplace and in schools.  

Financial Freedom is important to Suzanne because she loves to travel!  She is well on her way to achieving her goal of visiting all 50 states!

Suzanne lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. On the weekends you can find her cooking one of her favorite recipes for family and friends, or planning her next ski trip to the Colorado Rockies.  

  • Financial Coach Academy, Gilbert, AZ
  • Certified Master Financial Coach, Dave Ramsey Solutions, Brentwood, TN
  • Art of Feminine Presence Teacher, Denver, CO
  • Secretary/Treasurer, BNI Business Leaders of North Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ
  • BA in Elementary Education (K-8), Saint Catherine’s University, St Paul, MN
  • Master Family Budgeter, Minneapolis, MN

Our Team

At T&H Financial Coaching we are passionate about helping people create balance between their finances, their lifestyle, and their values.  We are proud of the experience, education, and commitment our team brings to empowering every client to control their finances and transform their lives. And we have fun!

Suzanne Ryan

Owner, Founder of T&H Financial Coaching
Financial Coach

Adrian Rivera Jr.

Financial Coach

Adrian is a Financial Coach at T&H Financial Coaching. He brings a unique perspective to our team with an extensive background in accounting, bookkeeping, financial audit, and corporate finance.

Adrian has a life-long passion for helping people with their money. His honest excitement for guiding his clients with their financial success along with his true understanding that people have real goals that are more than just a number in their bank account, is how he bridges his clients’ personal financial gap so they can live their best life!

Adrian leads our 6 FIGURE CLUB, the financial program for solopreneurs.  He helps business owners take control of their business finances so they can thrive and grow their business to 6 figures and beyond! 

Adrian lives in Mesa, AZ, with his wife and two young sons. He loves the outdoors and is a member of Desert Botanical Gardens. He and his family enjoy camping, hiking, and doing all kinds of crazy projects in their free time.


  • MA in Accountancy, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
  • BS in Accountancy, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
  • ASU Newman Center Finance Council, Tempe, AZ

Maggie Ann Ryan

Chief Content Writer
Bodie & Ryan Co.

Maggie is the Chief Content Writer and a Content/Marketing Consultant for T&H Financial Coaching. As the owner of Bodie & Ryan Co., Maggie is proud to be aligned with T&H Financial Coaching because of the nonjudgmental and personal approach T&H takes with their clients.

Maggie is excited to help empower people to live full, happy, and caring lives by creating balance between their finances, their lifestyle, and their values.

Maggie lives in Reno, NV, with her husband and 10 lb dog. She loves writing, snowboarding, and learning how to cook.

  • BA in English with a Creative Writing Emphasis, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA


Don’t let the clutter of your finances hold you back any longer.


You’re invited to begin.


Every client has a different path to financial fitness.

T&H Financial Coaching clients have:

  • Eased stress from their marriage by learning to communicate about their money and goals
  • Stood securely in the face of surprise expenses
  • Paid off one credit card . . . and then another. . . and then another. . .
  • Owned the value of their business services, earned more money, and landed more clients


  • Found “extra” money in their monthly budget
  • Stopped living paycheck to paycheck
  • Stayed within their wedding budget when they got married
  • Experienced peace knowing they have more than enough at the end of the month


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