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your Inspiration Session!

Let your finances inspire you! This one time session is perfect for individuals, couples, and the business owner whose personal and professional finances interlink and overlap.

When your money gets messy it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. Do you look at your bank account and wonder how you’re going to manage or pay off your debt? Is the stress of a surprise bill throwing off your current budget to the point of no return? Do you need to make a financial decision but don’t know who to turn to for advice that you can actually trust?

Your Inspiration Session is a safe and non-judgemental place to receive honest financial coaching and get the answers you need!

What you can expect from your Inspiration Session: 

  • Shine light on your financial situation!
  • Organize and set up a budget that actually works for you
  • Create a plan for your spending, saving, and debt
  • Identify the strategic steps to solve your financial problems
  • Gain the confidence and clarity to define and reach your goals

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”

– Plato –

Inspiration Session for

Individuals and Couples

2 Hours @ $395

Inspiration Session for

Business Owners

2 1/2 Hours @ $495


Suzanne helped us work together to manage our debt and balance our budget. Our marriage is stronger and happier now that we have the same goals. She’s very knowledgeable and her coaching style is relaxed and fun. We think every couple should have her as their financial coach!”

Liz and Jack

“I’m an entrepreneur and Suzanne helped me get my personal finances in order by helping me set goals and rebalance my budget. She’s saved me hundreds of dollars a month – and that adds up over time! Not only is she an expert and a pleasure to work with, she truly cares about me and my goals.”


“One session with Suzanne helped take my anxiety level from a 10 to a 3. I’m gaining control of my finances instead of my finances controlling me. Her practical approach is easy to implement and it’s fun working with her!”


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