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Bring financial education to your trade school, college, or university.

“Really, coaching is simplicity. It’s getting players to play better than they think that they can.”

– Tom Landry-

Would it benefit your students, employees, or friends to learn how to approach money with confidence? Are your students financially prepared to enter the working world? Whether your students will be working for someone else or for themselves, we provide personal and trade-specific financial education. We want them to be as successful as they possibly can!

Our Champion Your Finances Workshops will:

  • Change their Money Mindset so they understand the relationship value between money, time, and their work.
  • Create confidence in their future by giving them the tools they need to successfully manage their own money.
  • Give them the core financial foundation they need to make decisions through every phase of their life.

Sponsor financial education for

your staff and employees.

Do your employees bring their financial stress to work, bringing productivity and moral down?  Then a customized Financial Wellness Program is the solution! Whether you like seminars, workshops, or individual programs— the ROI in providing financial education is exponential!

Your Financial Wellness Program will:

  • Provide a fun and in-depth experience so your employees may begin to apply what they learn right away.
  • Help your employees improve their personal finances through key understandings in personal budgeting, debt management, and increased savings.  
  • Reduce the most common cause of your employee’s stress — personal financial issues – and enjoy a healthier and more positive company culture in which to work!

Host a private event for your

friends, family, or group

Feminine, Fabulous, and Financial!

Are your friends feminine and fabulous — but they’re missing the financial? We’ll help you host a fun and fabulous (don’t forget the financial!) private event you won’t forget!

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“I can’t believe it’s this easy to do! I’ve been putting my finances off and didn’t know how to get started. This workshop showed me how to start and how to be successful. Thanks Suzanne!”


“Suzanne is a natural at encouraging and motivating as a budget coach. We can’t think of anyone who couldn’t benefit from her expertise. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to work with her!”

Sofie & Daniel

“Working with Suzanne made me feel so confident in starting my own business right out of school. I sleep great and I’ve already landed clients!”


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