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Join the 6 Figure Club . . .  even if you’ve been in business for 1-3 years and still don’t pay yourself consistently!

  • Take control of your business budget
  • Empower your revenue by separating your business and personal finances
  • Pay yourself consistently every month
  • Clarify and increase your streams of income
  • Make smart, savvy CEO-level decisions to bring value to your business
  • Consistently grow towards owning a 6 figure business!

This is for you if you are already in business and are struggling to pay yourself the income you deserve.

The 6 Figure Club is for business owners who want to take their business to 6 figures with out the stress of having to figure it all out on their own.  Develop the confidence to build a sustainable business foundation that you can build upon, even if your don’t have enough clients or income right now.  You’ll learn how to avoid making costly mistakes that can make or break your success, let go of faking it until you make it, and use the power of a business budget to get rid of the stress that comes with a fluctuating income.  At T&H Financial Coaching we are all about working smarter not harder!

We’ve heard it all before.  Our clients come to us and ask the same question, “What am I doing wrong? I just can’t figure out why I’m not making more money.”  

You are not a failure.  You just don’t have a business budget that works for you and your goals.  

What’s all included?

  • A customized business budget for a clear plan of action to move forward
    • Determine revenue and expenses 
    • Manage cash flow
    • Clarify and add streams of income
    • Monitor KPIs 
    • Forecasting 
  • 12 private coaching sessions held monthly
  • 12 member-only coaching sessions held monthly

In this one year program you will . . . 

  • Be taken through a complete fiscal year to know your budget in all four quarters
  • Clarify your ideal client in order to give them a 5 Star experience 
  • Understand your personal money mindset 
  • Take control of your time to maximize productivity without burning out
  • Create a growth mindset and a 90 day plan to meet your business growth goals
  • Learn how to talk like a CEO to your CPA, Accountant, or Bookkeeper
  • Learn how to understand and manage your business finances 
  • Work with a coach who only wants to help you write your success story!

Stop waiting for success.  Schedule your consult today!


“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”

– Plato –

Business Growth



Business Growth


Small Business Owners 


Suzanne helped us work together to manage our debt and balance our budget. Our marriage is stronger and happier now that we have the same goals. She’s very knowledgeable and her coaching style is relaxed and fun. We think every couple should have her as their financial coach!”

Liz and Jack

“I’m an entrepreneur and Suzanne helped me get my personal finances in order by helping me set goals and rebalance my budget. She’s saved me hundreds of dollars a month – and that adds up over time! Not only is she an expert and a pleasure to work with, she truly cares about me and my goals.”


“One session with Suzanne helped take my anxiety level from a 10 to a 3. I’m gaining control of my finances instead of my finances controlling me. Her practical approach is easy to implement and it’s fun working with her!”



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